We Offer


⦿ Promote Student Achievement

⦿ Support and Develope Talented Staff

⦿ Build a Solid Organization Structure

We Offer


⦿ We offer equal access to knowledge

⦿ We reconsider the questionable notions that individual learning differences call for radically differentiated curriculums.

⦿ Nearly all children can learn from quality literature, nearly all can learn a second language, and nearly all can benefit from studying the important concepts of algebra. Some will learn more, some less, but tracking excludes many children from ever being in classes where these ‘high status’ subjects are taught.

We Offer


With a strong values system that is built upon the certainty that students are our future, we are committed to providing the absolute best opportunities possible.

Why We Are Better

Schools must nurture student’s talents and give them the perfect environment to thrive in all areas, be it academics or extracurricular activities. Apart from evaluating various boards, there are other practical aspects to be considered such as distance from home, kind and encouraging teachers, good friends,, healthy environment, safety etc that are more important than the board of a school. No matter how good a school or a board is, what really matters at the end of the day is your child’s happiness. If they are unhappy with their school, then it will be reflected in their academic performance. For this reason alone, it is important that students go to schools they enjoy studying in as opposed to putting them in boards that are considered to be the best.

Our Future Plans

In continuance of the vision of our founder members and to be in since with the present generation we have the following plans:

• The Sangha has already got approval from the university of Mumbai for starting the Law college and we will be ready in next coming year.

• The Sangha is keen to Degree College as well as job Oriented Diploma Course for students. In this way youngsters can enter the corporate world well prepared in advanced. Preparations are still under way to make this plan take shape.

• Management Education’ is the future. We want to start a full fledged management institute which would impart education that leads to the ‘Master’s Degree in Management studies.

About Us


It all began in the year 1966, when a small dream blossomed into a reality. The Chembur Karnataka Sangh, an association of the Kannadigas, registered as a charitable body under the Society’s Registration Act and the Bombay Public Trust Act, started the Chembur Karnataka High School.



MRS AARTI S. GANIGA Co-ordinator-Jr.K.G

MRS.HILDA N LOBO Part Time Asst.Teacher

MRS.ASHA A. KOTIAN Part Time Asst.Teacher


Shri.Adv.H.K.Sudhakara PRESIDENT

Shri.Prabhakar B.Bolar VICE-PRESIDENT



Shri. Devdas K. Shettigar JOINT SECRETARY

Vission & Mission

In the future of our students is the future of this nation. With this mainly in our, We the management are determined to make Chembur Karnataka Sangh’s School students a role model Indian in their future endeavors. Our sustained efforts, with your co-operation, guidance and best wishes