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Junior College Of Chembur Karnataka Sangha

Chembur Karnataka Junior College Of ARTS, SCIENCE & COMMERCE

Chembur Karnataka Sangha was established in the year 1955 by a band of dedicated social worker of Chembur with the noble objectives of promoting Arts, Culture, Literature and the cause of education.

One of its cherished dreams, that of establishing a cosmopolitan High School in Chembur, became a reality in the year 1966. Originally the school had its humble beginning in two small garages with barely 40 students. It is a matter of no small gratification for us to note that is has now grown into a major educational institution imparting instruction in two media English and Kannada upto SSC.


During the last five decades of its existence, our institution has registered a steady growth and has earned recognition. The academic excellence we have been striving to achieve, is reflected in the performance of our students in the Board Exam. Our long cherished dream of establishing a Junior College has been realized. It has received the approval of the Education Department, Government of Maharashtra, for Arts, Science & Commerce faculties.


The Junior College is functioning in the spacious school building at Vidyasagar, Ghatla, Chembur, Mumbai - 400 071.


F.Y.J.C. (STD XI) Science & Commerce

SY.J.C. (STD XII) Science & Commerce


A student is required to offer six subjects at the F.Y.J.C. level. Each subject carries 100 marks.


Two Compulsory Subjects :


Hindi / I.T.

Optional Subjects :


Book - Keeping

Organization of Commerce

Secretarial Practice / Maths

Environmental Studies

Health & Physical Education


Two Compulsory Subjects :


Hindi / I.T.

Optional Subjects :




Maths / Economics

Environmental Studies

Health & Physical Education

Students of the S.Y,J.C. Science and Commerce are required to offer the same combination of subjects as offered by them in the F.Y.J.C. No change of subjects will be permitted in S.Y.J.C.


Our students are actively involved in academic and co-curricular activities to promote team spirit and personality development. The college offers excellent opportunities to students, to participate in different recreational and creative activities conducted through college.


Admission to F.Y.J.C. Science / Commerce will start after the declaration of the SSC result by the Mumbai Divisional Board of the

Maharashtra State Board of Secondary Education, Pune, during the hours to be notified for the purpose.

A student who has passed at the first attempt, (10 years) S.S.C. Examination, conducted by the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary Education, Pune or any other examination recognised as equivalent thereto by the Board, is eligible for admission to the F.Y.J.C. class in Science / Commerce.

Admission of those passing an examination other than that conducted by the Board is provisional as long as Final Eligibility certificate issued by the Mumbai

Divisional Board is not submitted to the college. The student should apply for Eligibility Certificate to the Mumbai Divisional Board through the college along with his/her necessary document before the notified date, failing which his/her admission is liable to be cancelled.

Students seeking admission will have to come in person with the application form for an interview with the admission panel.

The application in the prescribed form must be filled in completely and signed by the student and counter-signed by his/her parent/guardian.

No admission is valid unless it is granted by the authority of the Principal and the full fees received by the college.

All admissions are valid for one academic year only. A student who has qualified himself/herself for admission to the next higher class will have to file a fresh application in the prescribed form and pay the full fees within the period notified.

Merit list will be put up on the date and time so notified on the college Notice Board.

Along with the Pre-Admission Form, copies of the following documents are to be enclosed.

True copy of SSC/Equivalent marksheet.

True copy of School Leaving Certificate.

True copy of Caste Certificate issued by the competent authority.

True copy of Sports Certificate counter-signed by the DSO.

True copy of the Certificate indicating Freedom fighters, Employees on transfer, Ex-servicemen, Handicapped, etc.,

Xerox copy of Ration Card, Aadhar Card.

Three passport size photographs - one affixed on the Application Form, two extra.

Students whose names are in the merit list must complete the admission formalities by paying the fees and submitting the required documents, as per the time and schedule notified, failing which their claim for admission will stand forfeited.

The following documents are needed while taking admission :

Original mark sheet, along with a xerox copy.

Original School Leaving Certificate, along with a xerox copy.

Original Caste Certificate (for verification) and a xerox copy.

Original Certificate for sports (for verification) along with xerox copy.

Original Certificate of Freedom fighters, Employees on transfer, Defence employees, Ex-servicemen, Handicapped, etc., (for verification)

Eligibility Certificate in the case of those passing an examination other than that conducted by the Board.

Family group photo of student with Mother & Father

The college office will not entertain any application / request for seats reserved for the management.

The students are hereby informed that the Original School Leaving Certificate will be kept by the College as a permanent record and in any case, will not be returned to the student. The students are advised to keep with them sufficient number of attested copies for future use.

Request for cancellation of admission and return of original certificates will not be entertained during the admission process.

No request for cancellation will be considered once the admission has been granted to an unaided division.

In case of cancellation of admission, fees will not be refunded.

No application for cancellation of S.Y.J.C. admission will be entertained except transfer cases outside the jurisdiction of Mumbai and Thane District.

No Objection Certificate and Leaving Certificate will not be issued for Local Transfers.


The fees and deposits payable by the students at the time of admission are as follows:

I.T. students will have to pay Rs. 5,000/- extra during admission.

Modes Of Refund Of Fees

In case of cancellation of admission, School Leaving Certificate, as per the Rules of the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary Education, will be given only after three days. No fees will be refunded.

If a student informs the institution in writing before the commencement of the academic year that he/she wishes to withdraw his/her admission and that he/she will not be able to continue his/her education in the college for certain reasons, the institution shall refund the tuition fees, term fees, laboratory fees (if any) and library deposits, if any, in full. The admission fee shall however be retained by the institution.

If a student desires to withdraw his/her admission after the commencement of the academic year, the fees shall not be refunded

Examination Standard Of Passing

A student of F.Y.J.C. is required to take two unit tests and two unit terminal examinations i.e. Mid term Tests I & II and the Terminal Examination I & II.

First Term

Second Term

Attendance in examinations and unit tests are compulsory for all the students, and performance in tests and examination will be taken into account in the final examination result.

The rules of promotion of F.Y.J.C. which will be followed as prescribed by the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, vide circular No. 50/BR High Sec/26 dated 29th December 1983, are as follows:

A candidate must secure minimum 35 marks out of 100 marks in each of the six subjects offered.

The marks of all the tests and examinations conducted during the year are taken into account in the final result, and result of the student will be decided on the basis of average marks.

If a candidate appearing in all six subjects fails in one or more subjects, he/she will be given grace marks in one or more subjects to a maximum of 30 marks but not exceeding 10 marks in any one subject.


In case of a student, who could not appear at the Terminal I or II Examinations, due to ill health (on submitting medical certificate from our panel of doctors within 3 days from the commencement of the exam.) or such other reason beyond his control (giving reason to the satisfaction of the Principal), re-examination would be taken for promotion to Std. XII. If a candidate fails to take the re-examination arranged, then his/her result shall be decided as per the formula a+b+c and a+b or a+c

Due consideration will be given to the Term-work such as ‘tutorials, practicals and home assignments, if any.

Grades on the aggregate of marks will be awarded to successful candidates as under :

Grade I : With Distinction : 75% and above.

Grade II : To successful candidates who obtain less then 75% but not less than 60% of marks in the aggregate of six subjects.

Grade III : To successful candidates who obtain not less than 45% of marks but less than 60% of marks in aggregate of six subjects.

Grade Pass : Less than 45% but not less than 35%.

Provided that grade I, II and III shall not be awarded to a candidate who appears for the examination with exemption(s) earned by him/her.

Assessed answer books of all the examinations except those of 2nd Terminal Examination will be shown to the students in the classrooms from time to time.

If a student is found copying or using unfair means in any paper/subject at an examination, the student will be punished as per the existing Board rules.

Ex-Students :

Students, failing at the examination of the First Year of Junior College, are permitted to rejoin the junior college and appear as regular students, after they pay F.Y.J.C. fees, if they so desire.


As per the MSS & HS Board’s Regulation No. 88 (i), a student is required to keep 75% attendance in each Term, in each subject. The students are required to keep 75% attendance at the lectures delivered in the first term and the second term separately. The deficiency upto 15% can be condoned by the Board on special medical grounds (supported by a medical certificate within reasonable time limit) as per the recommendations of the Principal. The students failing to fulfil the required attendance shall be DETAINED and shall not be permitted to take the Annual / Board examination.

Absence on medical grounds should be supported by a medical certificate, or by satisfactory reason/evidence in case of non-medical grounds.

Applications in all such cases must reach the Principal within 3 days of such absence and the student shall report to the Principal immediately on resumption.

In case of students of science faculty, the term or terms shall not be granted unless the student produces laboratory journal in science subjects duly certified by respective heads / in-charges of science departments at the end of the term.

Attendance Defaulters

A list of attendance defaulters will be put up on the notice board each month and also at the end of each term. A student who for any reason whatsoever is not able to attend the college for at least 25% of the total number of working days in any given month, is liable for disciplinary action including his//her name being struck off from the college roll.

A student, whose attendance is consistently unsatisfactory, will not be permitted to appear for the Term End Test and/or Annual Examination and his/her terms will not be granted.

The students who do not fulfill the criteria for required attendance in F.Y.J.C. will not be granted admission in S.Y.J.C.

Students who request leave of absence from lectures/practicals/tutorials for participating in sports, games, cultural or any other activities for and on behalf of the college / Activity group, should submit the application countersigned by the respective prof-in-charge. However condonation of deficiency in attendance for sports or any other activity cannot be claimed as a matter of right.

Parents are requested to kindly contact the Teachers-in-charge or class Vice-Principal or the Principal, at least once in two months, to keep themselves abreast with their ward’s attendance and progress.

The college seeks to cultivate the concept of punctuality in the minds of the students. The students are expected to be in their lecture rooms before the commencement of the first lecture everyday. Late comers will not be allowed to enter the college premises and habitual late comers will not be allowed to appear for the examination as they will be defaulters in attendance as well. In addition to the attendance, a student must also show satisfactory progress and good conduct.

Rules Of Discipline

The college attaches great importance to discipline and the same must be scrupulously observed by all students. Failure to comply with any of the rules, regulations or requirements notified from time to time will lead to strict disciplinary action. The following rules and regulations must be observed by all the students. Students must attend the lectures / practicals / tutorials regularly and punctually. Due respect must be given to the Teachers, both inside and outside the classrooms. Talking loudly / shouting in the classrooms corridors, library, office or anywhere inside the college premises is strictly prohibited. Students should not attend any lectures / tutorial other than their own, without prior permission of the Principal. Smoking, consumption of alcoholic drinks and the use of narcotics is strictly forbidden. Students must not loiter in the corridors when classes are in progress. No picnics, gatherings, parties or outings of any kind can be organised in any way, without specific permission of the Principal. Students are forbidden to address a class or write anything on blackboards, in the absence of a teacher. Students must take proper care of the college property. Any damage done to the property of the college is a serious offence. Any such damage will have to be made good by paying the cost of damage by those responsible for the damage. Disciplinary action will be taken against those students who damage any college property. Any Student who : is persistently insubordinate; is wilfully mischievous; uses foul / abusive language; defaces the walls or damages any property withing the premises; is likely to have an unwholesome effect on other students or detrimental to the smooth and orderly conduct of the college; is repeatedly found guilty of fraud / malpractices in tests / exams, is liable to be expelled, either temporarily or permanently, depending on the nature and seriousness of the offence or to be denied admission to the succeeding year. Every student of the college must carry, at all times, his / her valid identity card, issued by the college The identity card must have the student’s photograph affixed with the Principal’s signature stamp on it, failing which, the card will be deemed as invalid. A student has to produce the Identity card for inspection, whenever demanded. Students not carrying valid identity Card may be refused entry into the college premises. The students who are in need of certificates or concession forms or endorsements, etc. or anything requiring the signature of the Principal must apply for that purpose at least two days in advance during office hours. Students must read the general and classified notices displayed on the Notice Boards from time to time. Ignorance of any information put up on the notice board will not be accepted as an excuse. Every student is expected to abide strictly by the above regulations. Ignorance of the same will be no excuse for misbehaviour. In all matters of discipline of the college, the Principal’s decision will be final and binding. Students are expected to wear clean uniform and decent clothes. No students shall communicate any information to or write about matters dealing with the college administration in the press, without the prior permission of the Principal. Giving proxy is a serious art of indiscipline. Students are answerable to the college authorities for their behaviour both in and outside the college. Any misbehaviour on their part that, in any way, hinders orderly administration and discipline and any act of violence or vandalism will be sternly dealt with. Demonstrations of any kind in the college premises is strictly prohibited. The students are prohibited from approaching the press or publishing any matter relating to the college without the written permission of the Principal. Students should not leave their books, valuables and other belongings in their class rooms. The college is not responsible for lost property. Students should not bring cell phone to the college. If, for any reason, the continuance of a student in the college is, in the opinion of the Principal, detrimental to the best interests of the college, the Principal may ask such a student to leave the college. The Principal’s decision shall be final. Matters not covered by the existing rules shall rest at the discretion of the Principal.

Faciliteis We Offered

Library: The college library is equipped with books (including textbooks, study books, reference and general books), periodicals, newspapers, question papers etc. Students must abide by library rules framed by the librarian. Sports: Indoor games like Chess, Carrom & Basket Ball. Annual sports meet and various tournaments are conducted. Students are encouraged to represent the college at various intercollegiate and state level competitions. Canteen: The college provides canteen facilities, where refreshments are provided with reasonable rates. Student’s Council: The Student’s Council is managed by the teaching staff. The members of the Student’s Council encourage the students to take part in dramatics, dance, music, debate, elocution, essay writing, quiz and other competitions.

Chembur Karnataka Sangha

Endowment Prizes

Late Smt. B. G. Bhavi - Girl student who stands first in the Junior College

Late Shri. B. G. Bhavi - Boy student who stands first in the Junior College

Dr. M. M. Hosalkar - H.S.C. Student who stands first in commerce and science section in the junior college

Managing Committe

Advocate H. K. Sudhakara PRESIDENT

Shri Prabhakar B. Bolar VICE-PRESIDENT

Shri Ranjankumar R. Amin HON. GEN. SECRETARY

Shri Devdas K. Shettigar HON. ASST. SECRETARY

Shri T. R. Shetty HON. TREASURER

Shri Sunder N. Kotian HON. ASST. TREASURER

Member Of The Managing Committe

Shri Jaya N. Shetty

Shri Vishwanath S. Shenava

Shri Gunakar H. Hegde

Shri Yogesh V. Gujaran

Shri Sudhakar Anchan

Shri Madhukar G. Bailur

Shri Mohan S. Kanchan

Shri Rama Poojary

Shri Chandrashekar Anchan

Shri Ashok Salian

Shri Jaya M. Shetty

Shri Dayasagar Chowta